Congress of Communities


We advocate for change in the areas of education, public safety, and resident voice in our diverse cultural community.


We Organize and facilitate cross-community conversations and collaboration between residents, stakeholders, and youth.


We energize residents through leadership development to support the rise of natural leaders in our neighborhoods.


Our Mission

To provide leadership and facilitate collaboration of residents, youth, and stakeholders to foster a vibrant and sustainable community.

Our Vision

To provide leadership in a thriving, safe, clean, green, economically developed and culturally-rich community; where children, youth and adults are healthy, skilled, caring, and Civically engaged. We take pride in living, working, learning, worshiping, shopping, and playing in the neighborhoods of Southwest Detroit.


Our History

Congress of Communities was founded in 2010 in Southwest Detroit, in response to a growing need for a cross community collaborator and connector between youth, stakeholders, and residents.

Our team is passionate, dedicated, and proud to be able to assist in developing the natural leaders in our neighborhoods.

We advocate for change in the areas of education and public safety, and project the voice of our residents in our diverse cultural community.Over 10,000 residents, youth and stakeholders participated in a 3-year planning process that led to the creation of Congress of Communities (CoC).

CoC is the resident-led organizing and advocacy agency in #SwDetroit that works to facilitate solutions around the chaos that’s plaguing our neighborhoods.

What We've Achieved

  • Leadership development, building equitable education for SouthWest Detroit age 0-18

  • Self care, identity, building power through our education system, building power for education change

  • Shifting education to be equitable

  • Building equity for our leaders in our school for equality

  • Building a medim between community organizing and economic development

  • Conductor, facilitator, we create safe venues we are a neutral party

  • Come out viable with action and effective  outcome

  • Helped create various programs